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Obviously, we think our products are fantastic – but rather than us tell you that, see what everybody else has to say about our products.

Bethany BeforeBethany After

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Bethany, 24

Bethany used a combination of the acne cream and the konjac sponge over 30 days to greatly reduce the appearance of spots.

Her complexion has cleared up dramatically and she’s confident to face the day.

“I’ve had a lot of bumps before on my skin – and now… the bumps aren’t there. It’s just now the ‘odd pimple’, whereas before it was a rough complexion.

…my complexion is a whole lot better – I feel a lot more comfortable just not wearing any makeup!”

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Diana BeforeDiana After

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Diana, 28

Diana had struggled with oily skin. Breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads and irritation were just a part of her daily life.

After using Nodot for 30 days – her skin texture has dramatically improved.

“I really like the fact that it’s simple. I have my simple steps that if I follow them – I see the results in the morning.

The face cream has helped my skin remove a lot of the texture it had before. Now there’s way less bumps; it’s smooth, it’s soft.

Nodot is a great option – it really helped me out with the issues I was having!”

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Neelam BeforeNeelam After

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Neelam, 28

Neelam had never had a completely clear face. She’d tried almost everything; lazers, medicines, pills, you name it, she’s tried it.

After using Nodot for 30 days, she’s got much smoother skin, and less acne.

I see the difference in terms of texture – I see that my skin was pretty rough in the beginning, but now I do see that it’s much smoother. I have less acne now.

You’re going to start seeing the difference within two weeks, that’s for sure. I saw at least a 40% difference within two weeks.

It’s not just related to acne – it gives a glow to your skin.”

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Marina, 20

When I was younger, my skin you break out now and then. I was buying all products that said they would clear blackheads, exfoliate, even the skin tone, get rid of pimples – soaps, moisturizers, treatments, you name it! If it was in the drugstore, I would try it.

“…the pictures speak for themselves!”

My skin wasn’t actually that bad I think, but being super self-conscious as a teenager while also having the habit of picking every little uneven spot that appeared on my skin definitely didn’t help. As I grew older, I stopped picking and the blemishes and spots also seemed to be fever and fever – But then, at 20 years old and I started breaking out like a maniac! I tried oils, moisturizers, washing and exfoliating, but nothing seemed to work, it actually just got worse and worse.

After few months I finally came across Nodot Skin Cream. I started using the cream because I was told that it didn’t contain salicylic like most other “treatments”, and since my skin was also getting super dry at this point, I decided to give it a try. I was already taking pictures of my face every day to try to figure out what my skin was reacting to, good and bad, and the pictures speak for themselves!

Marina BeforeMarina After

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Eli Before Patch

Eli Before Patch.

Eli Wearing Patch

Eli Wearing Patch.

Eli After Patch

Eli After Patch.

Eli, 26

I don’t have an acne prone skin, but from time to time some little red things will still appear on my forehead or around the jaw line, and that really bothers me, especially it happens before the weekend. BUT! The acne spot patch just saves me! Everytime when I saw white pus forming inside the spot, I would put this little round patch on it.

“The acne spot patch just saves me!”

Normally after half a day, the patch will suck all the white pus out, and leaving the red spot on the skin. And I will continue using for one or two days more, then the spot will just go away and without leaving any scars.

And the other reason I think the product really works on me it is because I am a daily make-up user. I truly understand you shouldn’t put any makeup over the spots, but you can put make-up on the patch while it is healing your acne problem!

The patch is like a barrier between the make-up and the spot, no further irritation but only healing. Besides, it is nearly invisible! How great it is, right?