How To Treat Acne in 30 Days

Navigating skin issues can be difficult. Let us help.

Acne Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

With moderate acne, you’ll have noticeable breakouts.

You might start scratching and picking – aggravating the infection and spreading bacteria around your face – causing even more breakouts.

What’s worse – sustained picking eventually leads to unpleasant long term scarring.

Unfortunately, most over the counter anti-acne treatments contain Salicylic acid – which chemically removes the top layer of your skin, leaving it dry, irritated and sensitive.

Cream, Sponge, Stingray

Finally, a solution that works – without damaging your skin.

All Nodot products contain no Salicylic acid – instead our products contain natural ingredients to make your skin clean, strong and vibrant.

Nodot products have been developed from a mix of both classic and innovative components such as active charcoal, ozonized oil, potash, and natural vegetable fibre.

Nodot’s special formula works by weakening the growth of microorganisms causing acne, while also dissolving clogged pores and exfoliating the skin.

Our total acne treatment solutions are specially formulated to help your skin, each step of the way.