Get Rid Of Pimples

Navigating skin issues can be difficult. Let us help.

No Picking, There Are Better Solutions

Spots, pimples and blemishes can appear on your skin at any time, and mostly they are very inconvenient.

In the search for a quick fix, you might pick and squeeze, but unfortunately that solution often leads to further infection and redness.

On top of that, the healing period is much longer, and you can end up with a scar reminding you of that nasty pimple.

Or you might look around online for “home remidies” and tricks to dry out the pimple. But those products haven’t always been developed to be used on skin, or they are developed to be very harsh in order to be effective. That can turn your skin sensitive and dry, without actually eliminating the pimple.

Concealer, Patch, Sponge

Finally, a solution that works – without damaging your skin.

These Nodot products have been specially developed for eliminating pimples fast and effectively. None of the Nodot products contain Salicylic acid, essential oils or other harsh chemicals, so you can safely use the products no matter your skin type.

The products work simply by sucking out the infection and puss in the breakout, fighting bacteria causing the breakout, while still keeping moisture in the skin and creating a barrier that allows the breakout to heal protected from outside bacteria – you can get rid of the pimples in just a few hours.

With the Nodot products you can treat breakouts both night and day, so you never have to worry if an annoying pimples should show up.