How does Nodot work?

Nodot is a series of innovative anti-acne solutions for imperfect skin. Nodot products use powerful ingredients to treat, protect, clean and conceal different types of acne on various skin types.

Dealing with sensitive, acne or acne prone skin can be a pain, both physically and emotionally. It affects your mood, your health and can leave you with scars for life.

It’s almost impossible to navigate through the shelves of skincare products today (unless you’ve got a science degree, of course).

More than ever, we’re beginning to understand the effects chemical products have on our wellbeing.

There’s a collection of commonly used ingredients in most skincare products that are ineffective and harsh on the skin.

These are used based on old science that has long been de-bunked.

Salicylic acid, perfume, fillers and parabens might seem effective in the short term for treating skin issues – but leave your skin perpetually reliant on them to keep you clear.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Further, treating skin problems with strong doses of Vitamin A, Isotretinoin and Antibiotics put a massive strain on your entire body – not just the problem area.

“…it’s like shooting sparrows with canons.” says Flemming Licht, CEO of Nodot.

We’ve had enough of this blunt-forced approach – so we set out to create an effective solution, without the side-effects of traditional acne treatment.

That’s when Nodot was born.

Innovative Science for Better Skin

The Nodot Acne Skin Cream is developed with the goal of minimizing the use of antibiotics, hormones, harsh chemicals and compounds.

The reason our treatment work, is because of a specially developed non-comedogenic oil boosted with the active ingredient: Ozon.

“For many years, Ozon has been known to be highly anti-bacterial, with the ability to treat eczema and fungal infections.

Unfortunately, Ozon in it’s pure form has an insanely high half-life, it literally disappears in your hands,” says Licht.

After deep collaboration with Scion DTU’s Chemical Engineering department (Denmark’s leading institute for technology and science), we came to the idea of enclosing the Ozon in non-comodegenic oil.

This pioneered a method for keeping the Ozon structures stable in the oil. From here the ozonised oil can be used in a skincare formula.

What about the rest of our products?

All Nodot products are cruelty free. We use safe and powerful ingredients, and test only on people, never animals.

Our scientific methodology is to stay away from harsh, abrasive chemicals such as antibiotics, hormones, perfumes and parabens.

We want to make sure you have the most beautiful, vibrant skin – and using better science (not destructive chemicals) is the way to do that.

Our scientifically proven natural and gentle ingredients boost, hydrate, balance and clean your skin. So that you can enjoy fresh, clear and glowing skin, everyday.

Find Out How The Nodot Range Can Help You Today.