Unite Against Imperfect Skin

Nodot’s Dermatologist-Developed Anti-Acne
Skin Treatments Help Get Your Ideal Skin.

Nodot is a series of innovative anti acne & imperfect skin solutions.

Whether you have mild or moderate acne, acne spots, scars or black spots, you can find Nodot solutions which will help you to overcome your skin problems.

Nodot® treats, protects, cleans and conceals.

While developing the Nodot anti-acne treatment series, our goal has always been to be able to help you get the best skin you can possibly have.

We’ve created solutions to treat all acne-related symptoms and stages an you may go through to make sure we can help and guide you to reach your ideal skin.


Our vision is to create a world without acne. We give you the necessary products, information and support you need to for your ideal skin.

Science gives us the answers, but a passion for the freedom and inner confidence that comes with beautiful skin is why we do what we do.

As a proudly Danish company, we’re an environmentally responsible business who chooses to impact society as a force for good.

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Nodot® is a part of Ungroup ApS, situated at ScionDTU, Science and Technology park. We work with trusted partners for product development, clinical research and regulatory aspects. We have a quality system according to ISO 13:485.